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Hinge & Gimbal Joints

Hinge & Gimbal Joints

Hinge Joints are used to absorb angular movement in one plane only. Commonly used in floating pipework since anchors are not required and minimal guiding required. This type of joint when used in combination of 2 or 3 can absorb lateral, axial and angular movements.

Slotted hinge designs are used when axial movement is to be catered for.


Hinge Joint with internal insulation.

Gimbal joints are used to absorb angular movement in all planes, like the hinge design, they are commonly installed in pipe line where anchors and guides are minimal.


Installed 10″ N.B. Gimbal Joint.

Owing to their structure, the Hinge & Gimbal can carry external loads including the weight of the pipes as in above photograph.

Other designs include:

  • Double Hinge Expansion Joint
  • Double Gimbal Expansion Joint
  • Singale/Universal Pressure Balanced Elbow