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Metallic / High Pressure / Teflon Hoses

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Metal Bellows

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Special or Lateral Joints

Special or Lateral Joints


Internal Pressurized Joint


Restrained Joint with Fibre Insulation

This type of joint is also referred to as tied joints. They car be used to absorb small lateral amount or for pipeline misaligment. The additional insulation helps to maintain a moderate temperature internal. Hence, increasing the overall working temperature of the expansion joint.


Tied Lateral Joint

Tied lateral joint can be used to absorb large amount of lateral movement and does not exert pressure thrust forces on the piping system. Owing to its design, main anchors are not required and reduces need for guides, with this attribution they can be used for elevated pipework.

Commonly used as tank settlement joints or for connection from vessels to stationary pipeline. In many cases besides lateral compensation their performance stretch to multi-directional which often occurs in pipework.

Most designs are incorporated with tie rods of limit rods, depending on its application. Though they are encourage on other designs as this addition feature safety and hazard-free installations.